First ride: Thruxton 904 Ace Special

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Few bikes tick the boxes in so many ways as Triumph‘s Thruxton. Its big, meaty air-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine has chunky power all the way through the revs and it¹s as enjoyable purring through town as it is blasting through tree-lined country roads on a sunny Sunday morning.

It’s also comfortable, loves corners and always draws a crowd. With its retro metal Triumph badge fitted lovingly to its 16-litre fuel tank, it makes you proud to be British.

This is the latest hot Thruxton ­ the Thruxton 904 Ace Special (or 904S for short) which takes the concept of mixing old with new to a whole new level.

Commissioned by the Ace Cafe and Stonebridge Motor Company, the 904S is built by Tony Scott of T3 Racing (who run the Triumph Triple Challenge one-make Daytona 675 race series). Only 15 will be built and will cost £15,999.

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