Interview: Horex CEO speaks on the new 200bhp VR6

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The radical, all-new, 1200cc, V6 roadster has just been unveiled in Germany – the first new Horex motorcycle in 50 years.

MCN caught up with Horex CEO Clemens Neese to talk about his plans for the brand and the bike:

Why are you doing this?
“I’m an engineer and a passionate motorcycle enthusiast. A group of my friends encouraged me to develop a visionary design and consider building a new, totally different motorcycle. I have been working on this project for the past six years. Three years ago, I decided to pursue it full time. I’m absolutely convinced that this concept will work.”

Why did you choose the Horex name?
“We realized early that Horex would be a perfect match for our project. The name and the company’s history complemented our vision – it was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle. If the Horex visionaries of the past were still building motorcycles, these machines would be just like the six-cylinder bike we are introducing today. Without Horex, the project probably would have never made it this far.”

Do you have enough money to launch the product?
“Yes, we do. All in all, we have a double-digit million-euro budget at our disposal. This puts us in a position to finance the Horex project: from product design to production and market launch.”

You plan to have the first bikes on the road by next year. Isn’t that cutting things a little close?
“It is extremely tight but in terms of engineering, testing and homologation, this is no major risk. I’m proud to say the project has been running according to schedule since early 2009. Our engine is already running on the test bench and functional prototypes are currently being built for the test track.”

What will be the production volume for the new bike?
“We are looking at production numbers in the four-digit range. Sales will start in Germany and gradually spread out to Austria and Switzerland, and then to the rest of Europe and overseas.”

When can we expect to see other new Horex models?
“Our engine is designed for use in a variety of different models. Within a relatively short time, we plan to build other models but first, we have to successfully launch the current model.”

Read the full story on the new Horex VR6 in this week’s MCN, on sale 23 June 2010.