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Honda will unveil a three-wheel electric scooter called the 3R-C at the Geneva car show at the end of this week.

Created by Honda's research-and-design facility in Milan, Italy, the 3R-C prototype’s electric drivetrain is mounted low in the three wheeled chassis, keeping a low centre of gravity for improved stability.

Honda say the “high sides of the safety shell seat give greater protection to the occupant, reducing the threat from side impacts and improving weather protection.”
It has a single seat and storage compartment for luggage.

The 3R-C will be joined in Geneva by the EV-N concept, which was previously shown at the Tokyo auto show.

Despite producing numerous concept vehicles, Honda has yet build an electric-powered two wheeler for sale.

Honda CEO Takeo Fukui said recently: "Honda is currently developing a battery-powered electric motorcycle which emits no CO2 during operation, because the characteristics of a battery can be better utilized in the area of motorcycles, which are often used for short distance travel.

"Honda is aiming to introduce this electric motorcycle to the market about two years from now."

The Geneva Motor Show starts on March 4.

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James Sharpe

By James Sharpe