BMW issues new software patch for S1000RR

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BMW has issued a second software patch for the new S1000RR superbike after two bikes getting a software update to introduce a rev limit suffered instrument failure.

BMW dealers across the country were sent the initial software update in order to upload a new electronic rev limit for the S1000RR road bike during the running-in period.

For as-yet-unknown reasons two bikes in the UK suffered instrument failure and had to have them replaced.

BMW spokesman Scott Grimsdall said: “This problem has affected a couple of bikes by stopping the instruments from working.

"The revised software patch will stop it happening again and the two bikes are now fixed with new instruments.”

The first software patch

BMW held back until March 1 to deliver new S1000RR machines to new customers as it waited for a new software patch to limit revs while the engine runs in over 600 miles.

All BMW dealers had the software update by March 1.

The patch has been developed as a result of concerns that some customers, thought to be primarily race teams using new bikes for pre-season superstock testing were not adhering to the BMW running in procedure laid down in the owner manual.

Those guidelines stipulate the engine should not be run over 7000rpm for the first 185 miles and then not over 9000rpm until the 600 mile mark.

The new software patch removed the choice – ALL bikes heading for owners will now have the rev limit imposed until it will be electronically removed at the first service and oil change at 600 miles.

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