KTM to produce electric motorcycles in 2011

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Austrian firm KTM has become the first large-scale manufacturer to produce an electric bike with these two ‘Freeride’ machines going into full production in 18 months.

These two pre-production prototypes were unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show with an enduro and a supermoto version going on sale at under £9800 at current exchange rates.      

Of the two versions being made – the supermoto machine will be fully-road homologated. KTM is presenting the enduro version as ‘a new chance for off road riding’ as it can get around the noise issues that have seen so many riding tracks shut following complaints.

KTM sees this is a way that motocross tracks could be moved into urban areas to allow more people to ride – just like BMX or skate parks are in the middle of urban areas.

Both bike essentially share the same architecture. This means a 10bhp power output from the lithium ion battery in a delta box frame with self-supporting subframe. The bike has an overall weight of 90kg and KTM claim the low weight combined with the fairly low power output still allows the Freeride to match the performance of an equivalent 125cc internal combustion machine.

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter