Kawasaki 2011 MX models announced – lean green and very mean

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Kawasaki has released details on its 2011 four-stroke KX250F (MX2) and KX450F (MX1) motocross models.

The new KX250F will, for the first time, use battery-less fuel injection, a system successfully used on the present KX450F.

While the thought of fine tuning fuel injection turns most road and race riders into jelly, it is common practice in motorcross and so, like the present KX450F, the new KX250F can have its fuel mapping reprogrammed via an optional (£373) calibration kit.

Although Kawasaki does stress customers should talk at length with their Team Green dealer to see if it would be easier/cheaper for the dealer to make any necessary adjustments.

Another interesting point is the KX250F also carries a new front suspension set up by Showa called Separate Function Fork.

One fork leg carries the spring and spring preload system (quicker and easier to make setting changes), while the other fork leg has the damping mechanism. How long, we wonder, before similar systems reach road bikes?

Both models also feature numerous updates (rear suspension, engine performance tweaks, chassis modifications etc) to keep them at the top of their game – which, to most road riders, means lightweight rockets that take more than a five minute ride to master.

No prices for the two 2011 models have been set at this time. Dealer stock should arrive in the UK by October.

Further details can be found at your nearest Team Green dealer, or www.kawasaki.co.uk/

Trevor Franklin

By Trevor Franklin