Carole Nash Motorcycle Live: Kawasaki show 4 new models

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Kawasaki has taken on board criticism that its range was looking tired and come up four new models for 2011 – you can see the ZX-10R and the Z1000SX, W800 and Voyager custom at the show on stand R630.

One of these is the first Japanese superbike to hit back after the shock of being trounced in 2010 by BMW and Aprilia: the ZX-10R Ninja.

The flagship superbike is a total redesign compared with the old model, featuring sharp, aggressive and well-balanced styling, and Kawasaki claims it puts out a huge 197bhp – the full 200PS in metric horsepower. To tame that, the bike claims another Japanese first with its race-type traction control system, and combined with the track-focused ABS this will let even an average rider make the most of its awesome performance. 

The dash is a conventional LCD but with a new backlit, coloured LED bar-graph tachometer above it, and for those gentler riding days the bike also comes with an economical riding indicator! 

The show runs from 27 November until 5 December – check back later this week for all the news live from the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live 2010.