Cologne Bike Show: Horex VR6 unveiled

Published: 05 October 2010

The new Horex VR6 has made it’s first ever public appearance today at the Intermot Show in Cologne.

The reborn German marque unveiled one of only two complete preproduction machines, plus a dissected example of the innovative all-new VR6 engine.

The 1218cc engine is a six-cylinder, but with a unique layout halfway between an inline engine and a v-engine with two cylinder banks.

The Horex engine has a narrow 15-degree angle between the two rows of three cylinders, which share the same cylinder block and cylinder head. The design is used in some Volkswagen cars – it allows a narrower engine than an inline design, but is shorter than a V6 too.

Two versions of the same bike are in development – a naturally aspirated version, which is making 160bhp in testing right from the off, and a supercharger-equipped version that makes 230bhp. Horex staff say they are pleased with the output – both version produce a linear torque curve with drive from low rpm.

Sadly the bike can’t be started inside – but Hennes Fischer from Horex claims it makes a unique noise: “It has unconventional firing order, so it does not sound like a six at all. It’s more like a V8 American muscle car!”