BMW S1000RR owner reviews

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The BMW S1000RR has taken road test and sales charts by storm. But do owners actually like it?

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What’s good?
– Capable of extreme performance
– Surprisingly un-threatening if ridden sensibly
– Electronics help keep traction consistent
– Good adjustable suspension
– Powerful, ABS-supported brakes
– Quickshifter option a ‘must’
What’s bad?
– Quickly heats up in traffic
– Handle bar and peg vibration can be high
– Demanding riding position heavy on the wrist and neck
– Occasionally ‘plastic-y’ feel of the fairing
– Relatively small tank range
David Christmas, North Wales: “I’ve had the S1000RR since May, and I’ve now completed almost 5,000 miles. I traded in my 2007 BMW K1000R Sport, which I loved but just sometimes wished would handle a little quicker, particularly around the A and B roads on which I do most of my riding.

“The brief road test I had in Cheshire convinced me. One very grey, damp day, and in places on mud covered roads, the mode switch made absolute sense.

“Undoubtedly, the S1000RR is the finest of all the bikes I have ever owned or ridden.”
Thanks to: James Howard, Jef Van Gaver, Glenn Muth, David Christmas, Andrew Bodenstein

Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel