Honda VFR1200F owner reviews

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Though plagued by nothing more than moderate praise in road tests, the Honda VFR1200F has gone on to sell well to riders looking for a high quality, long-lasting bike.

So are they still in love with their high-tech V4? Read the full report in this week’s MCN, out now.
What’s good?
– Effortless power
– Great build quality
– Truly versatile tourer and sports bike
What’s bad?
– Smaller luggage than a dedicated tourer
– Tank range not fantastic
– Wind protection not top-class

Jim Mitchell: “The build quality and finish exceeds anything I have ever owned before. Time will tell if it stands up to our ever changing climate but so far it’s been 100% reliable with no issues at all.

“A lot of magazines slated the fuel range but after 120 to 140 miles on the road you want to stop anyway. This one for me is a keeper for sure. It’s a great tourer, but off with the boxes and you have a very capable sports machine.

“In terms of styling, it looked strange the first time I set eyes on it but for me now this wipes the floor in the looks department. It leaves a great big smile on my face every time I ride it.”

Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel