BRD hopes to top 100mph with electric supermoto

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A new American bike manufacturer claims that their upcoming electric supermotard could reach a top speed of 100mph and be the ideal urban police bike of the future.

The company called BRD is still working on its debut ‘RedShift’ range that’s made up of a road model (the SM), an off road model (the MX) and a police model (the PD).

The company has not released specifications. A spokesman told MCN: “We are being a bit cagey about performance details until we can verify the production bikes will hit our claimed numbers. The estimated top speed is 90mph for the MX and 100mph for the SM, which is about as fast as you would ever want to go on bikes of this style.

“We've had a good amount of interest in the PD model from police forces in several regions of the US. For departments that are already on dual sports like the DRZ400 and KLR650, it's the ideal replacement. It's even a potential replacement for full-dress cruisers if the primary use is urban patrol.”

They continued: “Both versions of the RedShift use a 5.2kWh battery that should deliver about 50 miles based on other electric motorcycles in the market, but we refrain from specifying a range for the RedShift until further testing.

"The seat height of the SM is 35 inches and the MX is 36.5 inches. These figures may shift slightly as we tweak the suspension in testing.”

The company’s CEO and co-founder Mark Fenigstein said: “We expect people to ride the snot out of these in a way that hasn’t been possible on previous electrics - that’s going to affect the range and we want to be careful about getting the specification right.

“We're not revealing pricing just yet, but you can expect it to be in line with premium street bikes.” The bike will be launched in 2012 and MCN predicts it will cost between £9,000 and £10,000 in line with the Zero 4.4kWh DS and the KTM Freeride.

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Ricky Lount

By Ricky Lount