German dealer beats BMW to Custom Concept reality

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German aftermarket parts specialists Wunderlich has beaten BMW to building a fully-working and road legal Custom Concept using a BMW HP2 Sport as the basis.

BMW unveiled the Custom Concept (originally called the Lo Rider until Harley-Davidson got the hump for some unknown reason) back in 2008 but there has been complete silence about the production chances of the stripped back flattrack-inspired bike.

For BMW dealer Juergen Mueller of massive Cologne dealership Procar the wait for BMW to actually get the bike into production was taking too long so he called in the experts at Wunderlich for some help.

He said: “Like many other people I was waiting for the Custom Concept to be built but when it wasn’t there in Spring of 2011 I decided to get on with it myself.”

You can read the full story in next week’s MCN out on July 13.

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter