Video: BMW K1600GTL speed testing

We investigate 8 things that you never knew about the BMW K1600GTL in this week’s MCN. One of those things is that the big Bavarian tourer is bloody fast.

The K1600GTL does 137.62mph. We know – we measured it. Which may not be that impressive in itself but is a darn sight better than its only credible close rival, Honda’s 200cc bigger GL1800 Gold Wing, which tops out at 122. Wafting along at 130mph+ in complete comfort has to be experienced to be believed.

What’s more impressive is that the GTL is restricted to that speed due to top box/overloading concerns yet it has potentially far more to come – it’s non-top-boxed GT brother is not restricted and is capable of about 155mph.

Other impressive stats: 0-60mph in 4.35sec, 0-100mph in just 8.5sec and the standing quarter mile in 12.11sec, peaking at 118mph.

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