Husqvarna designer explains new 900

Spy shots of the new Husqvarna 900 were revealed earlier this week in MCN but now the Italian firm has released a video where a designer explains what the new bike is all about.

The video explains how the challenge of a firm only known for off-road bikes is tackling the issue of making a road bike.

Italian firm Husqvarna is wholly owned by BMW and the pure road bike is a first for the off-road biased firm which is using a bored-out version of the F800 engine developed by BMW. Insiders have told MCN the bigger bore engine will produce around 100bhp and the weight is being kept as low as possible.

This is the first time the bike has been seen in reality; up until now Husqvarna has been drip feeding information about the bike. Firstly showing shots of the engine, then some sketches and artist impressions.

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter