300mph, jet-assisted Hayabusa: meet the Bullet 1236

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So this is the theory: a bike could go a lot faster on the straights if it didn’t have wheels dragging on the ground. The solution? A small jet engine and a few subtle wings contributing enough thrust and lift to hold the bike a metre off the ground at 300mph along long straights.

Manoeuvrability is promised ‘excellent’ in the air, but we get the impression you’re supposed to throttle off, touch tarmac and use the tyres to do the braking and turning. The Bullet 1236 is the work of prolific British conceptualist Phil Pauley, who has produced eye-catching, untenable designs in numerous fields.

Says Pauley: “Fortune will favour the brave here – this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. No pilot licences required either – only balls of steel and a winners mentality!” Says Suzuki: “[click…..burr…..]”

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter