Motus MST-01: first studio shots fire enthusiasm for 'hot rod' V4

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American start-up Motus’ new sport tourer has met with enthusiasm among riders and designers in spite of initial luke-warm commentary over its looks.

Former Ducati and Piaggio star Pierre Terblanche has hailed the 1650cc V4 a “wonderful achievement – a great concept, great engine, and don’t forget this is a conservative market so I think the looks are fitting.”

Norton’s US CEO Dan Van Epps concurs: “I think, and hope, the boys at Motus are on to something special. Thank goodness its not another in-line four or v-twin. A V4 oriented as they have is exciting to look at and I bet makes a beautiful sound.

"Pushrods make for a very compact topend, (no gears, cams etc.) and a simple solution. In my opinion the future belongs to those who dare to be different”.

The 2012 model will produce “around 160bhp” from its racing Corvette V8-derived motor in naturally-aspirated form.

No prices have been set yet, though the firm appears to keen to have at least some of its cake and eat it: “The MST incorporates premium components and the highest level of engineering, but will be affordable to a wide range of riders.”

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Guy Procter

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