Horex VR6 starts road testing

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New German manufacturer Horex has begun track testing the new 1200cc supercharged VR6 ahead of sales later this year.

This the first time the bike has been pictured outside of bike shows and with the engine actually working inside a bike.

A statement from the firm reads: “In this phase of the test series we mainly wanted to determine whether the current suspension configuration, basic geometry and engine tuning are correctly matched,” explains Hennes Fischer, the man in charge of Horex product development.

“It’s a big step from computer calculations and engine tuning on the dynamometer to a perfectly functioning bike.” The experience gained with the prototypes over the past few months flows directly into the subsequent engineering steps.

Along with a number of different courses set up in a closed-off area, the Horex team is conducting tests on rural roads and racetracks. 

“This is the only way to really evaluate engine response under all load conditions and determine how the frame and spring elements work together – especially under different loads and asphalt conditions,” Fischer explains.

Work is now focused on fine-tuning based on the results of the chassis and engine layout. 

“The results of the initial tests were satisfactory. Following the new evolution of the chassis we managed to further improve the bike’s handling. This is an important step towards defining the final parameters.”

In the tests with the current prototypes, two separate work groups focus on the chassis and engine.

To improve efficiency, standard, commercially-available components are being used for certain testing procedures. Although these parts will not appear on the series-production Horex, they help ensure quick implementation of new test results and serve as important building blocks in the engineering and testing phases.

The team members are enthralled by the sound of the new VR6 engine. Although the exhaust system currently in use is not ready for series production, the prototypes deliver the unique sound spectrum of the new VR6 engine.

Here’s how Hennes Fischer describes it: “It’s an electrifying blend of six cylinder smoothness with a deep and raspy wild-animal snarl that comes from the ignition sequence of the 15 degree V-angle. Harmonizing with this is the whining sound of the compressor. Truly amazing!”

For further details: www.horex.com

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter