Ducati officially dismisses scooter rumours

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Ducati has officially dismissed the prospect of Ducati building a scooter or a retro scrambler bike in an exclusive interview with Motor Cycle News.

The outright, complete and official denial follows weeks of speculation, rumour and internet-based gossip that stemmed from an interview Ducati General Manager Claudio Domenicali gave to an Italian magazine. In that interview Domenicali merely refused to dismiss the possibility that Ducati would ever build a scooter or a retro scrambler. That was then taken as confirmation they were both around the corner.

A week later Ducati overall boss Gabriele del Torchio appeared to contradict the story that a scooter and a scrambler were on the cards when he completely denied it.

In an exclusive interview with MCN to clarify the matter, Domenicali said: “It’s very clear to me there is no contradiction between what I said and what Mr del Torchio said regarding the possibility of Ducati building a scooter.

“I was asked if Ducati would ever build a scooter. All I said in reply was that I never say never; that is my philosophy always. In order to define the Ducati brand for these modern times we have made changes to the sort of bikes that the company was known for. You can see that in the Multistrada and most recently with the Diavel.

“For this reason I always say ‘never say never’ about any future models but I can categorically confirm there are no plans to build a Ducati scooter now or in the near future. I cannot understand why this has become such a big story. The only reason I can think is that the way the Diavel is such a new machine means people are willing to think other completely different Ducatis are on the way.”

Domenicali explained Ducati was currently advanced in the work involved in new models four-years ahead of now and neither a scooter or a scrambler were part of those plans.

Domenicali added: “I know all of the bikes we are making over the next four years in total detail; a scooter or the scrambler are not part of that plan.”

When pressed for details about what bikes are on the list Domenicali laughed and said: “I cannot tell you that of course!”

One bike that is taking up a lot of time at Ducati is the development of the all-new 1200cc V-twin superbike which will be launched at the Milan motorcycle show in November. This bike will replace the 1198 model as the top flight superbike with an all-new V-twin motor, stressed carbon-fibre airbox and will signal the firm’s return to World Superbike racing in 2012.

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