Husqvarna launches teaser video for new 900cc twin

Italian firm Husqvarna has released a new teaser video for the 900cc engine based around the BMW F800 engine that will power the first of a series of new road bikes being launched in the next five years.

Husqvarna revealed the bold new road bike plans to MCN a few weeks ago and revealed the firm was already well underway with road bike development thanks to the backing and finance of parent firm BMW.

The 900cc engine (exact capacity is not being revealed) is almost certainly a longer stroke version of the 798cc parallel twin which produces a claimed 85bhp in the F800. Husqvarna isn’t letting any other information out at this stage other than claiming a ‘reasonable increase in power and torque’ but we would expect around 100bhp to be the claimed engine power.

Husqvarna’s statement reads: “Husqvarna has reached a significant milestone in its long history by developing a street bike that will create an innovative new riding concept. This will focus on a unique combination of performance and versatility, with the pleasure and fun of riding the machine.

“For this ambitious project to be successful, selecting the best engine set-up had to be of primary importance. The joint decision taken with BMW’s engine development team in Munich was to go for the highly reliable and technologically advanced BMW F 800 R’s  800cc twin-cylinder engine. This would then be adapted to the specific needs of Husqvarna’s new bike concept.

“The engine capacity has been upgraded to 900cc and many of the main components have been reworked to meet specific needs. This allows a reasonable increase in power and torque, which translates into an outstanding and fun riding experience.”

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter