2012 Kawasaki MXer debuts launch control

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Holeshot-grabbing ‘launch control’ comes to the motocross world for the first time next year following this week’s unveiling of Kawasaki’s new 2012 KX450F.

The new open class or ‘MX1’ bike uses a sophisticated engine map which reduces the chances of rear wheel spin when starting in low-grip conditions. It also, like many modern road machines, features three-way switchable engine maps, designed to optimise performance in Standard, Hard and Soft conditions.

High tech isn’t restricted soley to Kawasaki’s new 450, though. The firm has also unveiled its 2012 KX250F which features the latest, sophisticated dual-injector fuel-injection system plus Showa’s latest ‘SFF” (Separate Function front Fork) forks which separate damping and shock absorption functions in a bif to offer smooth operation and firm damping.

Kawasaki UK’s Michael Johnstone said: “Put simply the 2012 KX250F has been created to take the MX2 class to a new and more rewarding level for both expert and enthusiast riders. Such genuine innovations as the first use dual injectors, a factory race developed bridge bottom piston and the new, progressive throttle link, will surely keep the next incarnation of the KX250F at the front of the pack.

“Likewise, the new season KX450F continues the theme of performance based innovation with the introduction of launch control, engine map selection and the ability to further fine tune the on-board engine management package.”

For more details go to: www.kawasaki.co.uk