New ZZR1400: “Fastest accelerating production bike”

The 2012 ZZR1400 will be the fastest production bike in the world off the line, according to manufacturer Kawasaki.

Specifications haven’t been officially revealed but sources in Japan say power is in excess of 200bhp.

Kawasaki said in an official statement it would be “the world’s fastest accelerating production motorcycle”. 

Professional drag racer Rickey Gadson has already managed a 1/8th mile run on a stock version of the bike in just 6.347 seconds, crossing the line at 118mph.

To boost power from the current 187bhp, capacity has been hiked from 1352cc to 1441cc.

Kawasaki says the changes deliver “more torque at all rpm” and “significantly more power in the mid-high rpm range”.

It seems no new bike would be complete without traction control and a selection of different power modes, and the new ZZR is no exception, gaining both.

The chassis looks identical to the current aluminium monocoque but is claimed to be significantly enhanced.

Styling remains similar, probably to avoid turning off the model’s loyal following. 

However subtle changes to the nose, side panels and seat unit bring it up to date and more in keeping with other bikes in Kawasaki’s range such as the latest ZX-10R.

Price is expected to be just under £11,000.

Read our full report in MCN, on sale October 12.

Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis