Horex delays launch of 200bhp blown V6

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German firm Horex is holding back the 200bhp supercharged version of its V6 roadster because of component supply problems and will launch the standard version first next spring.

Horex planned to kick-off its rejuvenated range with the supercharged 1200cc, narrow-angle V6 (called a VR6 like the VW car version with similar geometry) but the global increase in car production has meant parts suppliers have put delivery dates back.

Horex boss Clemens Neese said: "Of course, we're glad to see the upswing in the European automotive and motorcycle industry. Unfortunately, we are one of the companies suffering from this situation.

"A number of our parts suppliers have announced delays in delivery and this has forced us to postpone the Horex production launch until Spring 2012."

The supply backlog primarily affects the delivery of supercharger components.

Neese added: "We wanted to have the new Horex on the market in time for the 2012 season. Therefore, we decided to move up the production date of the planned, non-supercharged model. The supercharged version of the bike will appear on the market later."

The naturally aspirated Horex will produce around 160bhp. Horex says leaving out the supercharger and peripheral components reduces the bike's weight so the power-to-weight ratio isn't too far away from the supercharged version.

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