New Horex VR6 weeks away from production

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Reborn German manufacturer Horex is about to enter the first production stages of the all-new VR6 Roadster which has a series of innovations including a clever and compact 1218cc six-cylinder engine.

It’s taken the firm just 18 months to go from an initial launch of the new company and the presentation of a concept bike at the Cologne bike show in 2010 to this fully working and almost complete machine.

The bike will have 161bhp and a thumping 100ftlb of torque which comes in some impressively low rpm slugs. The six-cylinder engine delivers 66ftlb of torque at 2000rpm, increasing to 74ftlb at 3500rpm. The performance figures in the lower engine speed range are topped by a maximum 100ftlb of torque at 7000rpm.

German magazine MO was allowed access to the firm’s Augsburg HQ where prototype bikes were shown as the firm’s boss Clemens Neese explained what was left to get sorted over the next few weeks.

First deliveries of the £18,000 VR6 will begin in April with the 15-strong Horex team working flat-out to ensure the bikes are fully tested and ready for new customers.