BMW pushing ahead with E-Scooter development

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BMW has yet to confirm its E-Scooter will even make it into production, but looking at the advanced nature of this prototype it would appear it will be sooner rather than later.

The firm is still waiting for the launch of the 650cc conventional petrol powered scooters to arrive as they have been delayed due to a series of ‘quality control’ issues

BMW claims the new E-Scooter concept has the same performance as a 600cc scooter with a conventional petrol engine. The firm also says it will do 60miles between charges and can manage safe overtaking and hill starts while carrying a pillion – all while using electric power only.

The battery is said to be able to be completely recharged from flat in around three hours with a conventional 240v socket. The most radical part of the design is the aluminium battery casing acts as the frame of the scooter.

This also contains all of the electronic systems for running the battery cell monitoring system. The steering head support connects to this ‘frame’ along with the single-sided swingarm with a horizontally mounted shock.

There is no hub-mounted motor on the E-Scooter, that’s mounted behind the battery casing with secondary drive coming from a toothed belt and a roller chain to the rear wheel. Under braking or coasting electrical power is recuperated and extends range by 10 to 20%.

There is no official word on when this E-Scooter concept will, or even if, it will make production but it may well be later this year judging by the appearance of the prototype.