Horex unveils new VR6 Classic model

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German firm Horex has shown a new Classic model based on the VR6 roadster with the same 1218cc six-cylinder motor but a host of cosmetic changes that have come about as a result of customer feedback.

Horex has responded to calls from owners for a more old school look with wire spoked wheels, a new red paintjob and an engine that has greater torque thanks to a redesigned exhaust system.

The firm’s Fritz Rombach said: “They wanted to see a Horex in a design that replicates the brand icons. We responded with the new Classic model.”

The Horex motor already boasts impressive torque figures but for the Classic model this has been moved lower down the rev range.

Romabach added: “We reworked our six-cylinder to focus on unsurpassed riding enjoyment on winding country roads. Our engineers added interference tubes to the bends of the 6-in-2 exhaust system to reduce backpressure and improve the torque curve at lower engine speeds. This was complemented by a new engine mapping that increases torque in the low and medium engine speed ranges.

“These technical refinements really make a difference,” says Rombach. As a result, the reworked six-cylinder generates maximum power –126 hp – at 8500 rpm. Even more impressive is the engine’s torque curve that reaches its peak of 89 ft lb at a low 7000 rpm.

The wire wheel looks authentically old but have tubeless tyres.

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter