Vertemati reborn

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Niche Italian manufacturer Vertemati, best known for wild off-roaders and supermotos, is back and planning three new road bikes, starting with this Infect NVR1 super naked.

Powered by the firm’s own 1000cc V-twin motor, the crankcases, cylinder head and major internal components are all machined from billet aluminium and packed with lightweight titanium fasteners.

The frame is also fabricated using billet aluminium sections, and with its carbon fibre BST racing wheels, aluminium subframe, fuel tank (about to be changed for a carbon fibre version) and a liberal use of titanium, the Vertemati weighs just 145kg, which makes Ducati’s new 1199 Superleggera seem like a porker. 

The Vertemati brothers manufactured competition enduro and motocross bikes in the 90s, and the forward kick-starting Vertemati Supermoto from 2001-2003. They went on to produce the ill-fated BX449 motocrosser for Benelli and were involved in special engineering projects for the likes of Aeon quads.

Based in a small industrial yard near Monza, Vertemati closed in 2006 but entrepreneur Roberto Roncalli stepped in to revive it in 2012. With the brothers still heading up the operation, backed by a talented team of university engineering graduates, Vertemati has been working on the NVR1 project ever since. An 1100cc Infect RVR1 superbike version, and a as yet-unnamed tubular steel framed 1200cc big enduro-style machine is also on the cards.

Vertemati has no immediate sales plans and aren’t even quoting prices yet, suffice to say with all the bespoke engineering and money-no-object parts involved, don’t expect it to be cheap. A fully operational first bike is expected to be on the road by the end of summer this year – watch this space for a first ride.