Yamaha debut MT-09 trike

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Just when you thought there were no more potential variants for the MT-09 family, Yamaha go and roll out a three-wheeled version at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Dubbed with the catchy moniker ‘LMW-MWT-9’, it’s largely based around the MT-09 engine and platform, while acting as a super-sized Tricity with its independently sprung two-wheeled front end. 

Yamaha have designed the concept to have ‘exceptional cornering performance’ that is brought about by its twin front wheels, which, with the outward positioned front suspension, maximise the bank angle and the machines cornering ability. The LMW acronym in its name stands for Leaning Multi Wheel. They’ve not divulged what the MWT bit stands for, while the ‘MT’ bit surely relates to the existing MT range, from which it borrows heavily (MT stands for Master of Torque, no really). 

The LMW–MWT-9 isn’t the only three wheeled concept bike at the show though, with Honda also bringing a three-wheeled concept called the Neowing, which has – like the Yamaha – been designed with cornering stability in mind, but which also uses a hybrid motor to generate its drive. 

James Archibald

By James Archibald

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