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Arch Motorcycles reveal two new models

Published: 09 November 2017

Arch Motorcycles burst onto the scene in 2015 with the pretty bonkers KRGT-1, a proper American muscle machine powered by a 2032cc S&S engine that pumps out a tarmac-rippling 122ftlb of torque.

But that's not mad enough for the firm, created by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger. This week the company unveiled one new model and one concept. The first bike is the Arch KRGT-1S, which is powered by the same 2032cc engine as the KRGT-1, but is a much more sporty package overall. The bike comes with optional ABS, is Euro4 compliant, and sits on carbon fibre BST wheels. Nice.


There's a colour display up front and the finish of the motorcycle appears superb. It even has a super fancy pop-up fuel cap compartment. Necessary? No. amazing? Absolutely.

Arch Motorcycles also unveiled the Method 143 concept, which will be built in partnership with Suter Motorcycles. The two companies announced a partnership earlier this year, with Arch Motorcycles importing Suters into the U.S and vice versa.

The bike will be powered by a 2343cc engine, because the 2032cc engine the already use just isn't big enough, is it? Taking care of the gas from the huge engine will be a rather tiny looking titanium exhaust system. Underneath those huge fork covers are a pair of Ohlins forks designed in conjunction with Arch. The wheels will again be built by BST and the chassis will be made from carbon fibre. Just 23 examples will be built.

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