Honda Africa Twin Adventure – bigger & bolder

There’s a new Africa Twin and it’s got a bigger tank, more suspension and a retro Honda paint job

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Honda’s Africa Twin has been a popular seller but it’s been found wanting for serious long distance off-road travel because it’s heavy, it’s down on power and lacks the comforts of the big super off-roaders. But fear not, for there’s a new Africa Twin Adventure with a whole lot more promise.

For a start the petrol tank has increased by 5.4l, which Honda say extends the range to beyond 300 miles. 300 miles in the saddle is a long time, so Honda have flattened the seat and made the riding position more upright keeping your more comfortable for longer. It also comes with heated grips, a power socket and a taller screen all to ease out the miles. If you want to take it off-road there are improvements there too with 22mm more suspension travel (adjustable for rebound and compression damping), a bigger sump guard plus wider footpegs for increased control when stood up.


The engine has had a few mods too, so a revised airbox and new exhaust give the mid-range a boost (along with a tastier exhaust note) but peak power remains the same, which is a bit of shame. Matched to this is an improved ride by wire throttle with three riding modes and a new seven stage traction control. There’s even an optional quickshifter now. Best of all, the Adventure comes in an awesome tricolore paint scheme that celebrates the original XRV650 from 1988.

  • CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure
  • 998cc parallel twin
  • 94bhp @ 7500rpm
  • 900mm seat height
  • 243kg / 253kg DCT (wet)

The standard model also receives some updates including the new airbox, exhaust, throttle  and traction control. The suspension and brakes are the same but the wheels now have stainless spokes and are approved for block tyres. There’s also a minor weight saving (2.3kg) from a lithium battery.

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