Video: Yamaha jump on the teaser bandwagon

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Not wanting to be left out, Yamaha have now joined in the fun with the release of a teaser video teasing something on October 25 – bang in the middle of the Tokyo Motor Show.

As usual the video gives nothing away. We get some shots of a martial artist doing some cool stuff with two swords, and a few glimpses of onboard footage, but that’s it. I’ve put my detective training* to good use and I reckon this could be teasing the official unveiling of the Yamaha three-wheeler MWT-9.


How did I come to that conclusion? I’m glad you asked. There’s a brief shot of a man holding two, err, things in front of him, which to me suggests two front wheels. Yamaha have also chosen the tagline ‘ride the revolution’ which suggests it’s going to be something completely different and not just a standard motorcycle.

We’ve seen the MWT-9 before – Yamaha first rolled it out at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015 with the name LMW-MWT-9. We believe the bike is powered by the same three-cylinder engine as used in the MT-09 and uses the same front-end technology as Yamaha’s three-wheeled scoot, the Tricity.

President of Yamaha Motors Hiroyuki Yanagi made an official statement in 2016: “We want to extend our technology and grow our customer base. The three-wheelers provide fun and extra safety but the MWT is the first time a motorcycle in the ‘fun’ category has been developed. Three years ago we told you Yamaha was back and we should rightly be proud of our achievements since then, but we must continue.”

We’ve also unearthed the below video, which shows the MWT-9 being ridden indoors, and gives us a good glimpse of the front-end in action.

*I have no detective training.

Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer