Honda NT1100: a slimmed-down Africa Twin for the roads and for under £12k!

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Honda have brought touring back into focus with its new NT1100 – an Africa Twin based sports tourer that has modern performance, old-school practicality and a sensible price tag.

Honda say they made the bike because there’s a large group of people out there who want the comfort, technology and performance of modern adventure bikes without the size of the things or the associated cost. The truth too is that for most people, especially if you spend time just on road, they’re a better choice.

As the NT1100 name suggests, the new bike is powered by the 1084cc parallel twin from the Africa Twin. It’s got new intakes and exhaust innards to fatten up the midrange, with a minor drop in peak torque, so it now produces 100.5bhp @ 7250rpm and 75 ftlb @ 6250 but its other wise unchanged, which is no bad thing as far as we’re concerned.

Honda NT1100 static shot on sidestand

Honda has also brought across the steel frame and aluminium subframe from the AT but it’s the suspension and bodywork that’s changed. The suspension is much shorter travel (150mm at either end) and its now on 17″ wheels, instead of the 21″/18″ of the AT. The result of this is a greatly reduced seat height of just 820mm – over an inch lower than the Africa Twin with its seat in the lowest position.

Given the touring is the aim, the NT is wrapped in wind deflecting bodywork with a five-position screen designed to divert air over and around the rider. Other nods to touring comfort include panniers, cruise control, centre stand and heated grips all as standard, as well as a remote preload adjuster for the rear shock.

If very long distance work is on your mind, there’s also an optional rear topbox, comfort seat and tank bag available individually or as part of three different accessory packs. A quickshifter/autoblipper is also available as an option.

The 1100 engine in the Honda NT1100 is taken from the Africa Twin

Also carried across from the Africa Twin are the electronics, so that means you’ve got the same levels of safety aids including lean sensitive traction control, cornering ABS and wheel control. There are also three riding modes as standard plus two user customisable ones.

As well as the same clever tricks under the bodywork that provide all the usual safety aids, the NT brings across the nifty 6.5″ TFT screen that makes use of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for navigation, music and calls.

The 6.5

Again what’s actually shown on the screen can be customised by the rider. Despite cramming it full of stuff, Honda has managed to keep the weight to a sensible 238kg with fuel (248kg for the DCT).

The NT1100 will arrive in dealers in January with the standard model priced at £11,999 while the DCT version will cost £12,999.

Honda NT1100 specs

  • 1084cc parallel twin
  • 100.5bhp @ 7250rpm
  • 820mm seat height
  • 238kg (wet)
  • £11,999