Indian Challenger-based Pursuit raises the bar for luxury travel

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This is Indian’s new Pursuit – the US brand’s range-topping ‘full-dress’ tourer that looks set to bring new levels of sophistication to the class.

It’s derived from Indian’s Challenger bagger, as launched in 2020, which debuted a new liquid-cooled, four-valve, 1769cc V-twin motor in a bagger characterised by a chopped down, frame-mounted fairing and panniers.

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The Pursuit builds on that with a taller, adjustable screen and additional fairing lowers, larger, more comfortable twin seat and enormous topbox incorporating pillion backrest. Added luxuries include heated seats and sophisticated ‘infotainment’ system plus options such as an adaptive headlight and electronically adjustable rear suspension.

The 'PowerPlus' engine debuted in the Challenger bagger in 2020

At the Pursuit’s heart is the liquid-cooled ‘PowerPlus’ engine which produces 121bhp and a meaty peak torque of There’s a six-speed gearbox and three switchable power/traction control modes: Rain, Standard and Sport.

The frame-mounted fairing (Indian’s other ‘full-dresser’, the Roadmaster, has a handlebar-mounted fairing) has been enlarged from that of the Challenger with its adjustable screen now taller and with new, vented lower fairing.

A new topbox adds to luggage capacity while accommodation is further improved by the new ‘comfort’ seat which includes a heating control to go with the standard heated handlebar grips.

The aluminium chassis is enhanced by Indian’s new electronically-adjustable rear preload, which is available as an optional extra. Brakes are by Brembo and there’s both dynamic traction control and cornering ABS.

A 7in TFT touchscreen provides the infotainment

The Pursuit also comes with Indian’s seven-inch, touchscreen TFT with integrated ‘infotainment’ arrangement through which Apple Carplay, satvnav, bike data and more are viewed.

“We’ve expanded on the sophistication of the PowerPlus motor to deliver a class-leading machine that combines top-tier performance with unparalleled comfort,” said Indian’s Mike Dougherty.

The price for the base-colour model will be £27,695 (black), Black Smoke costs £27,895, Silver Smoke costs £28,195, Quartz Grey is £28,995 and Alumina Jade £29,095.

Plenty of pillion comfort on the Indian Pursuit

2022 Indian Pursuit explored:

  • Boosted tech The seven-inch TFT dash has touch control and includes Apple CarPlay audio, Bluetooth and satnav. There’s also an optional adaptive headlight and electronic suspension adjustment.
  • PowerPlus engine Liquid-cooled, four-valve, 1769cc V-twin debuted on the Challenger and produces a class leading 121bhp and 131lb.ft. There’s also three riding modes, a six-speed gearbox and traction control.
  • Extra load A new, premium top- box combines with the hard panniers to boost total luggage capacity to 133 litres and also includes a pillion backrest.
  • Added luxury New ‘comfort’ double seat is heated, to go with the heated grips, while adjustable vents in the fairing lowers help keep things cool.
  • Fully-dressed Frame-mounted fairing is based on the Challenger with a taller, adjustable screen and new fairing lowers which also include new riding lights.