Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally: Bologna's globetrotter gets more range, improved comfort and off-road capability

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Ducati are encouraging their customers to ride further and in greater comfort, with their new Multistrada V4 Rally.

Available from February 2023, it builds on the firm’s standard 1158cc four-cylinder sports adventurer with a new dedicated off-road Enduro mode, plus rear cylinder deactivation on the move.

Active in all riding modes, this ‘extended deactivation’ system sees the rear cylinder bank of the Rally’s V4 motor switch off at idle when stationary (something already on the standard V4 and S). However, it will also sometimes shut down on the go – firing into life when speeds increase, or at a certain power request from the throttle grip.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally right side

Ducati claim the solution is a first for any production motorcycle and is said to reduce emissions and boost range – helped further by a new 30-litre aluminium fuel tank, which bumps up capacity by a further eight litres.

Although no official range figures are currently available, helping riders and passengers go that extra mile are a smattering of ergonomic updates. Starting up front, there’s a new screen which has grown 40mm in height and 20mm in width.

The tail of the bike has also been stretched – moving the rear luggage to move backwards for more pillion leg room, with new larger foot peg rubbers to reduce vibration.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally rear

But that’s not all, there’s also adjustable seat heights for the front and back, plus lower suspension options for shorter pilots. This then works with the ‘Minimum Preload’ function (introduced to the standard V4 S for 2022) of the semi-active Marzocchi suspension to lower the bike at slow speeds by minimising rear preload.

Taking control a step further is a new ‘Easy Lift’ feature which opens the suspension hydraulics once the key is on – said to make your life easier when hoicking it off the side stand – due to fork and shock compression.

You also get a centre stand as standard to help with stuffing your panniers, or maintenance on your next long-distance adventure – plus an auto levelling feature in the springs to counteract changes to luggage and pillion payloads.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally front left

Sticking with the suspension, the travel has also increased to 200mm from the V4 S’ 170mm up front and 180mm at the rear. Boosting ground clearance to 230 mm (10mm more than standard), Ducati claim the Rally is now more suited to off-road terrain – despite any extra weight brought by the new fuel tank.

This is helped further by a new dedicated Enduro Riding Mode, which adds to the three existing options by limiting the engine’s power to a more manageable 113.4bhp. Traction control intervention also softens, and the rear ABS is deactivated.

The lean-sensitive front ABS and rear lift detection are also gone, and there’s an extended sump guard to protect against impacts on rough terrain.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally rear left

But the technological don’t stop there, with the Rally also featuring the firm’s adaptive radar cruise control system. You also get options for luggage, heated grips and saddles, as well as a homologated Akrapovič silencer.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally in detail

  • Power 167.6bhp @ 10,500rpm
  • Torque 92.3lbft @ 8750rpm
  • Engine 1158cc liquid cooled V4 Granturismo
  • Kerb weight TBC
  • Seat height 840mm
  • £TBC