Hornet strikes! Honda's latest CB750 goes up against the mighty Yamaha MT-07

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Yamaha’s 74bhp, £7k MT-07 has been one of the most tempting buys of the last decade, but times could be changing. Triumph’s 80bhp, £7200 Trident 660 brought a three-cylinder alternative in 2021, while 2023 sees the imminent arrival of Suzuki’s 83bhp, £7999 GSX-S8.    

And the biggest threat of all to the MT-07 is already here. Honda’s all-new, 755cc twin-cylinder Hornet not only boasts more power than the MT, but also a higher spec and, at £6999, an even cheaper price. So how does it measure up? 

There’s good reason to take the Honda seriously. Where the Yamaha has a punchy, 689cc parallel twin producing a claimed 72bhp, the Hornet counters with an all-new 755cc version pushing out 91bhp.

The Honda CB750 Hornet and Yamaha MT-07 on a country road

Where the Yam has a lightweight diamond frame with decent but conventional suspension and brakes, the Honda has a similar frame but inverted forks and radial calipers. And where the MT’s spec is pretty basic with no modes and minimal bodywork, the Hornet boasts a slick colour TFT, four modes and, to my eyes at least, swisher, sweeter styling.

In short, the MT-07 – tested here in 2022 guise as the 2023 model isn’t yet available – suddenly starts to look old and a little basic.

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