Supersize me: Is a super-scooter really all any biker needs?

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Maxi scooters are huge across Europe but are all-to-often shunned by us Brits. Are we missing a trick? With all practicality of a scoot and the power of a proper motorcycle, there’s not much they can’t do.

“I honestly don’t get why British riders haven’t taken to maxi-scooters,” says fellow tester Alison Silcox, “looking at the spec, and having ridden a few maxi-scooters and owning an XMAX 400, I reckon they can be the ideal do-it-all and a real alternative to a second car. Even, dare I say it, an alternative to a traditional motorcycle.”

Cornering on the Sym Maxsym

Time to find if that’s true of this tasty trio as Alison and I put three maxi-scooters through their paces in a variety of environments from city commuting to dual carriageway cruising, motorway mile-munching and B-road blasting.

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