Indian Motorcycle launch new five-strong Scout cruiser range in biggest range shake-up in a decade

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Indian are charging into 2024 with a ground-up redesign of their Scout cruiser line-up. Rumbling into dealers from the end of May, the new range takes over from the 1133cc Scout family, which has remained largely unchanged since being revealed at the 2014 Sturgis Rally.

The Scout name is big business for Indian, the firm having sold over 100,000 of them in the past decade. They equate to 40% of sales, with 28% of Scout owners new to riding.

“Scout is the most iconic American cruiser of all time and is synonymous with the Indian Motorcycle brand,” company President, Mike Dougherty said.

Indian Scout Classic dressed in some accessories

“Scout has long  been a staple in our line-up. And while riders around the world love the current Scout offering, we’re excited to take it to the next level and continue its evolution with a robust offering of models to meet the diverse needs of our global riding community.”

As you might expect, they’ve not done the redesign by halves, with a new 60-degree 1250cc DOHC liquid-cooled V-twin engine and tubular steel chassis used to produce five fresh model variants comprising the 101 Scout, Scout Bobber, Sport Scout, Super Scout, and Scout Classic.

As before, Indian have confirmed that an entry-level Scout Sixty is also in the works but have so far given no detail on when it will arrive or what to expect from it. The outgoing version uses a smaller 999cc twin producing around 78bhp and it’s likely a new range would share a similar recipe.

Indian 101 Scout parked in front of a garage

Back to what we do know, and all five variants of Scout get a Euro5+ compliant 1250cc V-twin that Indian are calling the ‘SpeedPlus 1250’. Four of the five bikes produce a claimed 105.9bhp at 7250rpm, with the most expensive 101 Scout pumping out 110bhp thanks to a slightly different state of tune.

Likewise, torque sites at 79.7lb.ft at 6300rpm on all but the 101, which gets slightly more at 80.4lb.ft. These numbers put the incoming Scout in direct competition with the likes of the £13,195 Triumph Bonneville Bobber parallel twin, and Harley-Davidson’s £15,145 Sportster S.

Housing the engine (which doesn’t qualify for A2 licence restriction) is a new tubular steel frame and subframe – made possible thanks to a smaller radiator sitting between the front stanchions.

Indian Sport Scout being ridden on a road

The frame swoops downwards from the headstock towards the rear axle in a style inspired by the original Scouts produced more than 100 years ago. A minimalist design largely shrouded by the 13-litre tank and revised bodywork, it should allow  owners scope for customisation.

This can be done in part by the three levels of trim: Standard, Limited, and Limited + Tech. Standard is the lowest rung and offers ABS, LED lighting, and analogue clocks. Limited then adds better badging, plus cruise and traction control. Three riding modes and a USB charging port also appear here.

If you want to go one further, Limited + Tech adds a circular 101mm touchscreen display incorporating navigation, mobile connectivity, and keyless ignition. More than 100 accessories are available, broken down into four collections which Indian are calling Commuter, Open Roads, Stealth, and Overnighter.

Side view of the latest Indian Scout Bobber

Away from the customisation, Indian have kept less experienced riders in mind when it comes to the ergonomics, with the Bobber model boasting a low 649mm seat height (that’s more than 100mm less than a dinky Honda MSX125 Grom).

The rest get a manageable 654mm, which is still nice and low for a secure flat-footing. Elsewhere, suspending all bar the 101 is a set of 41mm conventional forks, plus a pair of piggyback shocks adjustable for preload.

For the most expensive 101 model you instead get adjustable 43mm upside-down forks, plus fully adjustable piggybacks at the rear. Visit or head down to your local dealer.

Indian Scout range explored

Scout Classic

From £13,395, 243kg (F) 130/90×16 (R) 150/80×16

Indian Scout Classic parked on sand

As you’d expect, this choice appeals to classic cruiser fans, with wire wheels shod with Pirelli Night Dragon rubber. You get licks of chrome and flared mudguards, plus relaxed cruising ergonomics.

Scout Bobber

From £13,195, 237kg (F) 130/90×16 (R) 150/80×16

Indian Scout Bobber rear view

With chopped mudguards and a low seat, the Bobber model is a single-seat only option rolling on Pirelli MT60RS tyres. It gets cast eight-spoke rims and is available in multiple colour choices, depending on the level of trim.

101 Scout

From £16,095, 240kg (F) 130/60×19 (R) 150/80×16

Indian 101 Scout spinning up dirt

Inspired by the original 101 from 1928, this model gets five-spoke rims on Metzeler Cruisetec tyres. It also gets higher-spec suspension, with upside-down forks and greater adjustment. It’s the only option with twin front discs with Brembo calipers, plus there’s exclusive colours.

Sport Scout

From £13,395, 239kg (F) 130/60×19 (R) 150/80×16

Riders parked up with Indian Sport Scouts

The Sport takes over from the current Scout Rogue and uses cast eight-spoke rims wearing Metzeler Cruisetec tyres. There’s a small flyscreen around the circular headlight, with 150mm bar risers helping to give a more aggressive stance. The sporting seat promises extra back support.

Super Scout

From £16,095, 259kg (F) 130/90×16 (R) 150/80×16

Indian Super Scout side view

The Super Scout comes specced with distance in mind, with a fly screen and saddle bags, plus provision for a pillion. Like the Classic, it gets wire wheels and rolls on Pirelli MT60RS tyres. It comes kitted with the ‘Limited + Tech’ trim pack.