UK design house creates last-mile electric delivery scoot for Middle East and North African markets

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A Warwick-based design house has created a plug-in last mile delivery scooter for the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets to tackle the growing consumer demand in the region.

Called the Rena Max, the electric workhorse was designed and engineered by Callum, who worked on behalf of Barq – a company specialising in mobility solutions.

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“Callum is about creating bespoke solutions that are a potent blend of design and engineering expertise,” said Design Director, Ian Callum. “Rena Max has a sense of style that is sometimes forgotten with future mobility solutions.”

As is the growing trend amongst electric delivery scooters, the Rena Max makes use of swappable battery technology – powered by 5.6KwH lithium-ion units that offer a claimed range of up to 93 miles. You also get three riding modes and a reverse gear, with power provided by a 7KW motor.

The Barq is designed for the MENA region

Dressed in a set of linear bodywork similar to the premium BMW CE 04 electric maxi scooter, the Rena Max also enjoys a 79-litre top box with food-safe lining, plus a nine-litre cool box, and five-litre cubby hole up front.

There’s also space to carry a pair of two-litre bottles, or fast food cups securely – with additional space for the rider to store their own drinks and personal belongings.

Away from the storage, information is also relayed to the rider via a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 touchscreen tablet. Creative lead, Aleck Jones, explains why: “Riders usually get their route information on a handheld device.

“That’s neither easy to follow nor glance at. It led us to prioritise the touchscreen in the dash layout with a specified mounting angle that minimises glare and reflections.”

Elsewhere, the Barq rolls on 13in front and 14in rear tubeless tyres in an attempt to minimise punctures on unpaved roads. An electronically controlled locking system also logs and tracks all openings of the back box to keep goods protected when the bike is not in use.

Production of the Rena Max is expected to take place in the MENA region, too.