Patents reveal new Brixton 1200 to rival Bonneville

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Triumph have had very little large capacity competition for the retro Brit-style bike crown, but that could soon change when Brixton bring their new 1200cc twin to the market.

The new machine, which has yet to be named, was first shown as a concept in 2019 with Brixton confirming its plans for production in 2020. Now, newly-published patents show that a revamped version of the bike can’t be far away.

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While Brixton has never revealed official technical details, the bike is believed to use a bespoke 1200cc engine.

Compared to the original show bike, the production version in the patent has a far more polished appearance. The tubular steel frame is tweaked, particularly around the swingarm pivot area, and gains bolt-on pillion pegs instead of the welded-on originals – surely a sign that Brixton has the idea of a single-seat café racer version in mind for the future.

The alloy headlight bracket is also new, and the production version gains inevitable legal-compliance details like a licence plate holder and a chain guard.

The exhausts are a departure from the concept, which featured end cans that looked too small. The final versions are much better-proportioned, as well as complying with emissions and noise rules.

Unlike most Chinese bikes, the European-designed Brixton shows plenty of neat detailing. The firm’s X-shaped logo appears on the filler cap and is moulded into the footpeg rubbers, while the LED headlight features a daytime running lamp, mirroring the original concept model. The Brixton name is also cast into the engine covers, grips, clock bracket and bar clamps.

The patents even show a flick-knife-style key with the firm’s name printed on its sheath.

While brand names are important in the retro market, the Brixton’s Chinese manufacturing means it’s likely to be significantly cheaper than the Triumph.

The Brixton patent has emerged at the same time as Gaokin in China has filed patents for the bike’s engine, suggesting that the project is progressing and gearing up for a late-2021 unveiling.

Latest Brixton 1200cc details explored:

  • Suspension Conventional forks, with gaiters for that traditional look, are allied to twin shocks. The only apparent adjustment is rear preload, hinting at the likely bargain pricing of the big Brixton
  • All new engine The engine is again similar to the Bonneville’s design, appearing to use a single overhead cam with rocker-operated valves. The fuel injection parts are hidden behind side panels so as not to spoil thetraditional look.
  • Clever catalysts Like the Bonneville, the production Brixton 1200 has catalysts under the engine, but the exhaust downpipes are designed to give the impression that they feed straight into the twin end cans.
  • Faux air cooled Despite all the fins, the engine is water-cooled, with neatly hidden pipework to a radiator nestling between the exhaust downpipes. The Bonneville uses the same idea.
  • Better brakes Nissin calipers replace the J.Juan parts that were used on the original show bike, while the discs are redesigned for a neater look.

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