Even more Superior: Brough reveal exclusive tribute to racer and speed record pioneer

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Revived historic British bike marque Brough Superior have come up with this new, even more special, ultra-limited edition version of their £60,000 SS100 V-twin.

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The exclusive machine is called the SS100 ‘Bert le Vack’ and the now French-based boutique manufacturers say its creation was inspired by the man who, in the 1920s, was one of the most famous motorcycle racers and record-breakers of the era, often riding Brough Superiors.

In 1924 le Vack, a British motorcycle racer, engineer and speed demon throughout the 1920s, sensationally broke nine motorcycle speed records, most famously the outright motorcycle speed record, when he rode a Brough Superior to 119.05mph at Arpajon in France.

Le Vack was also a noted engineer, tuner and racer, in demand from many top firms of the day with a best TT result of second in 1914 despite having to push it the last half-mile!

Brough Superior SS100 Bert Le Vack exhausts

He earned the nickname the ‘Wizard of Brooklands’ for his exploits at the banked Surrey racetrack and is generally regarded as one of the greatest motorcyclists of his day.

Born in 1888, he worked for the likes of Indian and JAP, helping develop the latter’s 986cc V-twin as used by Brough, featuring in much of the firm’s advertising and publicity and he even helped tune Lawrence of Arabia’s own Broughs. Le Vack was killed in a motorcycle accident in Switzerland in 1931.

The new, special commemorative machine is essentially Brough’s current, celebrated SS100, as introduced in 2016.

In addition to that bike’s characterful 997cc, 100bhp 90-degree V-twin, novel Fior-style double wishbone front end, big, retro-style 18in wheels, wacky 230mm Beringer quadruple front disc brake set up and exquisite, hand-crafted ‘retro-mod’ style, the le Vack version gets special titanium tank straps, unique, individually-numbered tank motif and special, titanium grey paint reminiscent of the le Vack Broughs of the past.

Just nine examples of the new bike are set to be built, again in honour of the nine records le Vack broke in 1924 with the first deliveries expected in mid-2021.

Brough Superior SS100 Bert Le Vack tank badge