Caofen F80 models hit the UK market

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Emerging electric brand, Caofen have announced pricing for their F80 models, one road legal the other just for the trails, as they hit the UK market.

The road ready F80 Adventure will retail for £5995, while the F80 Off-Road costs £5495. This is before you consider any reductions offered by the current Government plug-in grant scheme.

Adam Bowen, brand manager for Caofen UK, said: “We are very excited to introduce the Caofen F80 to the UK market. The bike is a true leader in the field and brings fierce competition to the market.

Caofen F80 in road legal and off-road trim

“With its patented battery technology, single-piece frame and enhanced motor, it is designed to improve performance and longevity, allowing riders to enjoy their ride, going faster, for longer.”

He added: “We have studied the market closely over the past 24 months and have established that the Caofen F80 is the right electric adventure bike for the UK market.”

Details of the bikes specifications can be found on the firm’s newly launched website.

Weld-free frame for all-new bike: Lightweight adventurer employs clever moulded alloy

First published 29 March 2023, updated: 04 April 2023 by Stuart Prestidge

Caofen F80 jump

A new model of electric motorcycle will be launched in the UK next month which features a moulded alloy frame completely devoid of welds that is claimed to increase rigidity by almost a third over conventional frames.

Caofen, a newly developed brand from Chongqing Huanghe Motorcycle Company, will release the F80 in two guises, the road-legal Adventure and an off-road dedicated iteration, to the UK market in April.

The one-piece frame not only stiffens and strengthens the F80 as it is capable of withstanding a fall of three metres, it also keeps weight low with the bike coming in at 81kg for the off-road version and 85kg for the road bike.

Caofen F80 on motocross track

The 72v battery’s temperature is regulated by a patented immersion system claimed to reduce the battery’s temperature during extended use by half. The system can also regulate the battery in cold weather, allowing the F80 to operate in temperatures as low as -40°C.

Charging is claimed at just three hours from empty for the Adventure model and two hours for the off-road version and powers the 8000w motor to 93 miles for the Adventure and 62 miles for the off-roader.

Putting the Adventure’s 191lbft of torque to the road is an 18in spoked rear wheel, while the front uses a 19in rim. The off-road version features the same front wheel combined with a 16in rear.

Caofen F80 in road legal and off road trim

Both will reach around 55mph and are stopped by 230mm disc brakes at the front and 203mm at the rear. The seat sits 840mm from the ground on the road-legal Adventure, while the off-road version is 10mm lower.

The Caofen F80 Adventure retails at £5940 and the off-road machine is £5495.

Adam Bowen, brand manager for CaofenUK, said: “The bike is a true leader in the field and brings fierce competition to the market.”

Caofen F80 ridden off road

Caofen F80 in detail

  • Big boots: Both models of the F80 have large 19in front wheels. At the rear the off-roader lays the torque down with a 16incher while the road going model features an 18in rear.
  • All in one: The aluminium frame is a single piece unit with no welding involved in its construction, which adds strength and reduces weight.
  • Cool under pressure: The battery’s temperature is regulated by an oil based system which allows the bike to run in cold environments as low as -40°C.
  • Free and clear: The road going F80 still has designs on off-road use with a 200mm fork stroke and 265mm of ground clearance.
  • Quick turnaround: The batteries can be charged from fully empty to full in three hours for the Adventure and just two hours for the off-road version.