DAB Concept-E combines roadster charm with supermoto cool in learner legal package

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French boutique bike builders DAB Motors have whipped the covers off their new Concept E – a 13.4bhp learner-legal roadster and the firm’s first foray into electrification.

The prototype was produced in conjunction with designers Outercraft and is said to be powered by a 51.8V lithium-ion battery - making it approachable to new riders, looking for a cross town transport solution. No claimed charging times are currently available.

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A rider walks to the DAB Motors Concept-E

However, where other electric offerings of a similar nature are often affordable, no-nonsense run arounds, the Concept-E is draped in premium bolt-on parts. Suspending the concept is bespoke Öhlins suspension, with stopping power provided by a CNC machined alumnium Beringer caliper at each end. An LED speedo is found mounted directly in the top yoke, with the front light sitting below a flattrack-inspired front board, between the fork legs.

Designed with carbon fibre chassis components to help keep the weight down, the bike sports a look somewhere between modern roadster and focussed supermoto, with efforts made to hide the front and rear cabling for a neater finish.

Elsewhere, there's a Gates belt drive, which uses aluminium machined pulleys in an attempt to maximise power and minimise noise. The saddle is also finished in rugged Ripstop material.

Whether these premium finishes will be found on a production-ready machine remains to be seen, but with the firm’s only conventional petrol bike – the LM-S 500cc – starting at around £14,850, the Concept-E is unlikely to be cheap. Check back on MCN for more updates soon.

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