Nevermind the Sex Pistols: deBolex create carbon custom from Ducati Monster 1200

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British customisers deBolex have finally unveiled the fruits of nearly two years’ work with the db25 – a limited run of radically customised bikes based on the Ducati Monster 1200.

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Building the bikes has been a two-stage process. The first bike, known as db25a, was built with the bodywork made entirely out of handshaped aluminium just like deBolex’s usual builds.

However, instead of just building one bike and being done with it, deBolex used the aluminium bodywork to make moulds and from that they were able to recreate the bodywork in carbon fibre.

The first step for any of the bikes is to completely strip them down to their constituent parts before rebuilding them. The engines and electronics of the bike remain untouched, so they’re as reliable and easy to live with as when they left the Ducati factory.

deBolex db25 left side

The subframe is a new single unit milled from aluminium and, just like the original machine, can be accessed by popping the seat off with the key.

The tank on the limited run of 25 is an outer skin of carbon fibre with a fuel cell sat inside. All the carbon work is done in house with each bike made up of 21 carbon fibre panels, 25 CNC components and more than 60 laser cut, sheet metal pieces.

“It’s been a big learning process for us,” says Calum Pryce-Tidd, founder of deBolex. “We make the moulds in house, lay the pre-preg carbon and then put it in our own autoclave. It fits the nose piece, which is the biggest single part. All together it takes just over a week to make a single set of bodywork and around eight weeks to build a complete bike.”

deBolex Ducati tank

To match the new look there are a few performance upgrades too including Maxton suspension and Dymag wheels, plus an SC-Project exhaust to give it a sound more befitting its image.

Although it’s designed as small production run, so not fully customisable, owners can stamp their own uniqueness on the bikes by changing some parts and choosing the paint.

As the name suggests deBolex are building just 25 of the new series with 10 already sold. Prices for the db25 start from £38,000. 

Jordan Gibbons

By Jordan Gibbons

News Editor, owns some old bikes. Should know better.