More Energicas inbound: Sales boss confirms Experia adventure bike could spawn up to five new models

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Electric brand Energica have plans to develop up to five new models based on the Experia adventure bike before the end of 2027. Sales Director Giacomo Leone confirmed the move at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany earlier this month.

“This is the first bike of a range that we will develop based on the Experia,” Leone said. “We have a plan up to 2027.”

The sales chief would not go into full details but did say that the plans will see four or five different machines all sharing a common motor/frame platform.

Giacomo Leone

Producing a claimed 101bhp, the trellis-framed Experia has a maximum battery capacity of 22.5kWh and a permanent magnet motor capable of around 120 miles between charges when ridden at sensible, real-world speeds.

“We launched the bike at Mugello at the end of May. In four months, we’ve had hundreds of orders without even having bikes out there,” Leone continued. “We will start production and delivery in a few weeks.

“We feel that this is going to be the biggest sales success for Energica in terms of volume, for the next few years,” he added.

Energica Experia dash

Alongside confirming new models, Leone explained that we would see no new additions based on the fully faired Ego platform, which has now been in production for seven years.

“Energica started with the Ego and then we derived from the same platform the Eva as a hyper naked and the EsseEsse 9 as a classic bike,” he added.

“There is going to be development on these bikes, but no other bikes will be born from this platform. “We will have a few improvements quite soon that we will show you in the coming months.”

Energica Experia right side

Not only did the Ego help create two naked models, it was also modified into a track-only Corsa racing machine to compete in the MotoE World Cup from 2018 – a support series for MotoGP.

“We learned a lot about battery capacity, software and more,” Leone continued. “The engineers that develop the racing bikes are the same as those on the production bikes, so the communication is really unique.”

Despite this learning, he believes we are beginning to hit a technological glass ceiling with the current crop of lithium ion batteries in terms of both performance and range.

Energica Eva

“The limit now is technology,” he said. “Until new technology comes – and it will happen in four or five years – the range will remain more or less the same.

“We can add 10%, 15%, 20% more to the range using the same technology and newly designed software and hardware, but we cannot go over that.

“New battery technology will be a game-changer, so that we can go smaller with the same capacity and range, or bigger with double or three times the range.”