The range finder: E-tourer promises fast charging and 400 miles+ of fun

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For many riders, range anxiety is the biggest stumbling block to investing in an electric motorcycle as an alternative to petrol power but Chinese brand Evoke may just have the answer with their latest tourer.

The 121bhp 6061-GT has at its core a battery management system and ECU which control the bike’s powertrain and systems via data from more than 100 onboard sensors, technology which Evoke say has been continually developed since 2017.

The complex system allows for claimed instantaneous adjustments and optimisation of range, charge speed, and power output, which gives the $24,995 (around £20,000) GT a massive 410 miles of claimed urban riding and 280 miles of mixed motorway/street riding. That’s more than most petrol bikes.

Evoke battery detail

Additionally, the air-cooled 29.8kWh lithium battery benefits from thermal management software that mitigates heat build-up during fast charging. Evoke also claim ultra-fast charging that is said to propel the GT from empty to 80% full in 30 minutes. Plug it into an AC wall socket though and it’ll still take 12 hours to refill.

The batteries have also been built for longevity, as Evoke’s Chief Marketing Officer, Nil Larom, explains: “In 2021, with more streamlined EV technology, we decided to upgrade the battery packs that we had built and incorporate new solid-state construction to achieve a staggering 2000 cycles for use on vehicles, and an additional 2000 cycles to be used as power storage in the second life for the packs, yielding an insane 15 years before needing to be recycled.”

The GT also features LED lighting all round, four-piston front brake calipers with 310mm discs, with power delivered to the 17in rear wheel via chain final drive. There is no UK dealer network yet, but they are imported to parts of Europe.

Evoke Urban Classic

Evoke 6061 GT and Urban Classic in detail

  • Low, long rider: The 6061-GT boasts a staggering 410-mile range, will reach a claimed 124mph and can recharge from empty to 80% (enough for 200 miles of mixed riding) in half an hour, just long enough for a coffee and a break.
  • Bells and whistles: The GT features LED lights, a 7in TFT colour screen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a claimed battery life of around 250,000 miles (400,000km).
  • Wheelie torquey: The frame mounted motor and beefy chain drive give the impression of a regular bike. With 163lb.ft of instant torque, however, the similarities end there.
  • Weighty proposition: At 320kg the GT is no shrinking violet, comparable in weight to a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy but with 50lb.ft more instant torque it will leave its competition eating dust.