Limited edition Harley-Davidson FXDR coming to the UK and Ireland

The Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 Limited Edition
The Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 Limited Edition

A limited edition custom Harley-Davidson FXDR that is only available in the UK and Ireland is now in dealers.

Called the FXDR 114 Limited Edition, it’s still running the standard softail frame and 1868cc motor as the stock bike but it’s more than enough to stand out from the crowd.

The biggest change is the paint scheme: gone is the plain white in favour of white, black and gold across the tank, tail unit, headlight and front mudguards. It’s all hand done, including the pinstriping, by Image Design Custom right here in the UK.

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 FXDR 114 Limited Edition headlight

It also means that should you buy one, it comes with a proper Harley warranty unlike a fancy paintjob of your own. As well as the paint, the clip-ons have also been swapped for a pair of single piece drag bars.

They’re only making 30 of them and each one is individually numbered, so you can be fairly sure that if you do hand over your hard earned cash you’ll likely not seen another ever again. Although you’re unlikely to see many FXDRs.

Harley are asking £18,345 for these, which is only £350 more than the standard model, which itself has come down from the £20,200 they wanted when it was first launched.

A quick glance at the DVLA’s latest stats suggests that if Harley did sell all these special edition bikes, they’d make up around one in five of all FXDRs on the road.