Feel the Forza: bigger, faster and more tech-laden Honda Forza 125, 300 and 750

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Honda have unleashed a 2021 attack team in the small, mid and big-capacity scooter class as the Forza range gets a radical revamp.

At the top of the tree is the Forza 750 which replaces the Integra. The Forza 750 uses a Euro5 version of the smooth and solid NC750 twin-cylinder engine and now makes a healthy 58bhp, up from the Integra’s 54. We’ve already ridden this bike, so check out our full Honda Forza 750 review.

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The new-look super scooter is completely restyled with the focus on gliding through city centres while retaining the ability to cover big distance in comfort. There’s also an A2 licence friendly version.

2021 Honda Forza 750

The Forza 750 uses Honda’s DCT (clutchless) transmission, which sees smooth and seamless acceleration, although there is the option of using paddle-style gear shifters on the left handlebar. Honda have sold over 140,000 DCT machines in Europe since it first appeared in 2010.

There’s also a ramped-up Forza 350, which replaces the 300. With 30cc and 4bhp more it has a claimed top speed of 85mph. As well as a raft of cosmetic updates, the electric screen gets an extra 40mm of travel.

Honda Forza 125 update

The Forza 125 gets a makeover as well as the same 40mm extra screen travel and new USB charger.

All machines feature Honda’s HSTC traction control system. Although no prices have been released, the 750 is expected to come in at around £9000, while the 350 should cost £5550 (the old 300 was £5199) and the 125 is expected to remain competitive at £4750.

2021 Honda Forza 125

2021 Honda Forza 750 in detail

The new 750 scooter will use throttle by wire, which allows for three default rider modes; Rain, Standard and Sport. There is also a fourth customisable rider mode called Sport.

The Honda is also equipped with three-stage traction control and the DCT adapts its gear changes depending on which riding mode you are in.

The Forza 750 will take aim at the sports scooter segment, a much bigger market in Europe than over here, and backs this up with a tubular steel frame, aluminium swingarm, 41mm USD forks and radial-mount four-piston brake calipers.

Ignition, locking, fuel filler cap and seat opening are all keyless and the TFT dash is fully smartphone and voice-control (with the right headset) compatible. You also get self-cancelling indicators that monitor the difference between the wheel speeds to determine whether or not you’ve completed your manoeuvre.

2021 Honda Forza 350 in detail

2021 Honda Forza 350

Honda have worked hard to make the Forza 350 nippier around town. The work done to the engine internals includes a 10% lighter crankshaft, bigger throttle bodies (36mm up from 34mm), larger-diameter inlet valves (28mm up from 27mm), a new piston oil jet, revised intake and exhaust ports, a new endcan and a hydraulic cam chain adjuster and scavenger pump to reduce internal friction.

All of this, Honda say, adds up to more power without more weight, improved efficiency and a 0.7-second improvement over 200m, which should be noticeable scrabbling between the traffic lights in a city centre.

Third teaser video confirms Honda Forza 750 maxi scooter to arrive on October 14

First published on October 2, 2020 by Dan Sutherland

Honda have revealed a third teaser trailer on their YouTube channel, confirming that a Forza 750 maxi scooter will be officially revealed on Wednesday, October 14.

Looking poised to take over from the existing Euro4-compliant Integra as the Japanese firm’s large-capacity scooter offering, this latest 29 second clip gives us the clearest indication yet of how the bike will look; revealing detailed front and side profiles of the finished product.

A silhouette of the Honda Forza 750

Likely to be powered by a 745cc parallel-twin engine shared by the NC750 range and tweaked for Euro5, it’s probable the big Forza will feature a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) semi-automatic gearchange, which can also be found on more conventional motorcycles like the Africa Twin.

This claim is further solidified by a close up shot of an engine case that holds more than a passing resemblance to the current Integra, which also features the system. The exhaust position is very similar to the X-ADV adventure scooter, which also uses the same basic engine. The central area between the rider’s feet is also raised rather than flat – presumably to help house the larger engine and complex gearbox. 

A front view of the Honda Forza 750

Away from the motor, the video also reveals the jagged styling of the front end, including a small partition beneath the base of the screen and fairing, potentially allowing for some level of adjustment.

Moving down, there also appears to be full LED lighting and a set of upside-down forks. Bringing all of this to a stop is dual Nissin radial front brake calipers and chunky discs. LED lights also look to be included at the rear, too.

A rear view of the Honda Forza 750

Although pricing and availability remain unavailable, expect the Honda’s closest competition to come from the Yamaha TMAX 560. Updated for 2020, the 562cc conventional twist-and-go produces 47bhp and currently sets the benchmark for large-capacity scoots. Keep an eye out for our Honda Forza 750 review once we’ve ridden the bike.

Honda announce Forza 750 in new teaser video

First published on 18 September, 2020 by Dan Sutherland

Following an initial teaser trailer on Monday, 7 September, Honda look set to introduce a new Forza 750 maxi scooter next month; revealing fresh snippets of the finished bike in a second short film this morning. 

Lasting 15 seconds, the brief clip appears to confirm the bike name as ‘Forza 750’, as well as showing the ignition button, front and rear lighting, a TFT dash and front silhouette. 

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Sitting alongside the CBT-compliant Forza 125 and A2-licence compatible Forza 300, it is highly likely that this new 750 will replace the existing Euro4 Integra as Honda’s A-licence scooting option for the Euro5 market, complete with the firm’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) system, rather than a conventional twist-and-go unit.

Honda Forza 750 TFT close-up

Although the final details remain unavailable, the clip appears to show a premium, practical machine, complete with full LED lighting, plus advanced riding modes and settings. This is indicated further by the TFT dash, which appears to display icons for optional power modes, traction control settings, engine braking and more.

Also shown on the colourful unit is your revs, speed, trips, fuel gauge, live MPG, clock and ambient temperature. A small icon in the top left corner also appears to show mobile phone connectivity, via Bluetooth.

A close-up of the Honda Forza LED lights

When displaying the front lights at eight seconds, we also get a glimpse of the bike’s front profile, which stands solid and tall like a maxi scooter should. Unlike a traditional scooter though, it’s possible that rider leg room and underseat storage could be reduced, in order to house the large engine and complex gearbox – further indicated by the first video.

Expect the final reveal of the bike to take place on Wednesday, October 14 and check back here soon for an in-depth report on the finished machine.

Honda aiming for maxi scooter glory with new Forza

First published on 07 September, 2020 by Dan Sutherland

Honda have revealed a new 15 second teaser trailer for an incoming Forza scooter model, which could replace the Integra as a DCT transmission direct rival to the Yamaha TMAX 560.

Uploaded to the firm’s YouTube and social media channels early this morning (above), the clip titled: ‘FORZA. 14.10.2020’ shows a few silhouetted details, including an engine casing and the front fairing, as well as the line ‘The Forza family is getting bigger.’  

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Looking set to arrive next month, the new model should sit alongside the existing Forza 300 and 125. With the 125 catering for A1 licence and CBT certificate holders and the 300 rideable on an A2 restriction, it seems logical that the new machine will be bigger – cashing in on motorcyclists possessing a full A category licence. What’s more, the Japanese firm also claim that this machine will be ‘all new’ – further suggesting this will not be an update of an existing model.

A Honda Forza logo

Honda’s current large-capacity scooter, the Integra, is powered by the same 745cc parallel-twin engine as the NC750X and S, complete with a six speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Earlier this year, we recieved a tip off from a source in Japan that it was due an upgrade late in 2020 and, being still only Euro4, it could well be that Honda will drop the model altogether – creating a new larger Euro5-friendly DCT scoot under the Forza name instead.

This point is further supported by the casing shown within the video, which holds a strong resemblance to the one already used on the Integra. What’s more, in that same shot (at around four seconds) and located above the footboard, there appears to be a protruding surround between the rider’s legs – rather than the conventional step-through layout.

Something that again already features on the Integra, it’s likely that this could be to help house a similar mid-capacity engine and complex gearbox. Although potentially helping to achieve a more familiar motorcycle-like riding experience, it removes some of the effortless practicality enjoyed by some smaller twist-and-go machinery.

Honda Forza 750 engine casing

At around eight seconds, the bike’s front cowling is also revealed for the first time, showing a variety of aggressive cuts and lines, complete with what will likely be full LED lighting. Being a premium large capacity scoot, we would expect it to come furnished with must-have commuting gadgets like heated grips and cruise control.

With the Integra currently priced at £8899, we would expect to see this new machine come in between £9000 and £9500. As always, we will bring you more information as it becomes available and keep an eye out for the full review coming soon.