Horwin Senmenti 0: Super trick, super fast electric scooter unveiled

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Electric motorcycle manufacturer Horwin have unveiled the Senmenti 0 – a hard accelerating scooter with both abundant range and technology.

Few specifics are available for the scooter which will be available from the middle of next year, but those we do know will pique the interest of riders across Europe.

Accelerating from 0 to 62.5mph in just 2.8 seconds and with a top speed of 125mph the Senmenti 0 will be a match for any two-wheeler off the line.

What’s more, Horwin claim that at a steady 54mph the futuristic looking bike will travel 186 miles with no drop off in performance as the battery drains.

Once out of juice charging with the super charge function allows 0 – 80% to be achieved in just 30 minutes at EV charging points.

Technology is also abundant on the Senmenti 0 which features over 30 sensors and cameras to adapt to the road conditions and riding style to enhance safety.

Horwin Senmenti X (left) and Senmenti O

Those sensors also include ones to monitor tyre pressure, ABS, assisted hill start and crash alert system.

Reverse assist, keyless start, driving modes, adaptable suspension, heated grips and a heated seat are also included. The battery can also be used to power camping equipment and other electric accessories.