Husqvarna reveal Vektorr electric scooter concept

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Husqvarna have unveiled another electric concept to add to their steadily growing ‘e-mobility’ quiver.

The strangely named ‘Vektorr’ is designed to show us what Husky describe as a ‘tantalising vision of what a move into electric urban mobility will look like’ although we can’t help but think it shows us something that looks a lot like a traditional internal combustion scooter – a far cry from the wild concepts we’ve seen from others.

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There’s little in the way of proper info about the bike although they do say it will have a top speed of 28mph and a maximum range of 65 miles, which pretty much limits it to buzzing around town.

Alongside the Vektorr, Husky also unveiled a folding e-scooter called the Bltz (presumably missing an ‘i’ because they spent all the budget on the extra R in Vektorr) both of which join the recently revealed E-Pilen. The Bltz produces a claimed 0.7bhp and is said to be capable of 12.4mph – enough for a quick blast across town after stepping off public transport.

All three bikes were recently displayed at the Pierer Mobility AG special exhibition in the KTM Motohall in Mattighofen, Austria.

Husqvarna Bltz e-scooter concept

These new bikes are part of a big push from Husqvarna to be at the cutting edge of electrification, having recently joined a consortium with Honda, KTM, Yamaha and Piaggio to agree a standard for swappable battery technology.

Watch a Husqvarna E-Pilen concept video below: