Italjet Dragster 500GP: Distinctive scooter gets performance makeover for 2024 concept

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Italjet have unveiled a new concept version of their whacky Dragster scooter with a 450cc engine fitted.

The Dragster 500GP uses the eye-catching trellis frame design cues of its 125 and 200cc predecessors with the addition of the liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine giving it a boost in performance.

Aficionados will still miss the blue haze of the original Dragster’s two-stroke motor, but the 43bhp engine and six-speed gearbox (complete with motorbike-esque foot shift) should mean enough poke to take their minds off it.

Italjet Dragster 500GP rear

Gone too is the hub-steering front end of the smaller-capacity versions, scrapped in favour of USD forks, while braking duties are taken up by twin 230mm front discs and ABS-equipped Brembo calipers.

The new engine is squeezed in under the bike’s seat, rather than on the rear wheel as you might expect for a scooter, and final drive is provided by a chain to the 160-section 15-inch rear wheel.

Everything points towards the Dragster 500GP feeling more like a motorcycle than a scooter and since it weighs just 180kg, it could be the maxi-scoot to beat in terms of handling and performance when it arrives in 2024.

Going electric

Italjet Dragster #e01

Along with the 500GP, Italjet have also whipped the covers of an electric version catchily named the #e01. The electric version couples a 12kW motor with a 4.91 kWh battery for a combined range of just over 93 miles.

More impressively, however, is the claimed charge time of just 36 minutes if a fast charger is used (with a standard charger this jumps to 5 hours 30 minutes).

There’s no price announced for the #e01 just yet but Italjet expect it to arrive in dealers in the second half of 2023.