Langen share dyno run video of 250cc two-stroke café racer

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Langen are getting closer to the production stage for their UK-built 250cc two-stroke machine and they've shared a video of the bike on a dyno. We'll have more information on the bike coing soon but for now just turn this up loud!

The all-new, UK-built, Langen 250cc two-stroke café racer is well on its way to being a huge success just a month after its public debut.

Created by ex-CCM Chief Design Engineer Christofer Ratcliffe, and first revealed by MCN back in the summer, the Langen uses the Italian-built Vins 75bhp fuel-injected two-stroke V-twin in a hand-crafted aluminium tubular space frame complete with Öhlins forks, twin K-Tech rear shocks and Hel radial brakes.

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Chris Ratcliffe created the Langen Two Stroke

Finished off with minimal carbon-fibre bodywork, it weighs just 114kg wet, giving a power-to-weight ratio of a whopping 660bhp/tonne.

Ratcliffe originally planned to produce just 100 examples, each priced £28,000, depending on demand. But now, following the bike’s highly successful public unveiling at the prestigious Salon Privé concours event this year held, due to Covid-19, at Blenheim Palace in late September, he already harbours ambitious expansion plans.

Around a third of the initial production run has already been pre-ordered, less than three weeks after the unveiling, and Ratcliffe is now looking to recruit new design engineers and fabricators while the firm are also considering building a further 150 machines homologated for the rest of the world.

Ratcliffe said: "My desire to produce motorcycles with a simplicity and purity of days gone by seems to be shared by countless other enthusiasts who really seem to savour the amazing sounds and smells of our new two-stroke.

"For me, with all these electric bikes now launching, the first Langen is a final swansong to the two-stroke; an intriguing modern twist on a proud performance café racer tradition."

Brit-built 250 two-stroke set for public reveal at 2020 Salon Privé event

First published on September 17, 2020 by Dan Sutherland

The front end of the Langen Two Stroke

Thought road-going two strokes were a thing of the past? Think again. Introducing the Langen Two Stroke: a 249.5cc V-Twin dinger making its debut at the prestigious Salon Privé event at Blenheim Palace next week.

Priced at £28,000 plus VAT, production of the first 100 individually numbered bikes is set to begin in summer 2021, with each one built by hand to order at their Wigan base. Each of these will be produced to meet UK standards, with a further 150 machines planned for 2022, which can also be homologated for other markets.

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First revealed online earlier this summer, Langen have now confirmed the upright roadster will produce a claimed 75bhp and 33lbft of torque, courtesy of its V-twin engine that revs to 14,500rpm and features a counter-rotating crank.

This is produced for them by Italian firm, Vins – who developed the lightweight lump for their own Duecinquanta 250 sportsbike. Despite suffocating emissions regulations, Langen say the bike is fully road legal, thanks in part to its fuel injection system, ECU-controlled oil injection, electronic exhaust valves and more.

Housed in a handcrafted aluminium tube frame, the impressive performance figures are matched by quality chassis components, ensuring the bike stops and turns as well as it pulls (and smells). Up front, there’s a set of Öhlins forks, with neat K-Tech twin shocks suspending the rear. Coupled with that are Hel Performance brakes and Dunlop tyres.

To help keep weight down to just 114kg with oil and water but no fuel, both the body work and tank are produced in hand-laid carbon-fibre, complete with gold leaf detailing (also finished by hand). Adding to the look is a dual-exit exhaust system, complete with right-side and under seat pipes that wouldn’t look out of place on a ‘90s grand prix racer.

And, if gold leaf isn’t for you, Langen say a range of customisation options are also available – allowing owners to personalise everything from the paint job, to the chassis finish, to the fork type and wheels. The firm plan to release a range of standard options, with more lavish orders costing the customer an additional fee.

Speaking in a statement, Langen creator, Chris Ratcliffe said: "The company has been founded with the aim of producing motorcycles with a simplicity and purity of days gone by, like the 'Ton-up boys' and their café racers.

"My dream has always been to create a small piece of British motorcycling history. To be able to launch this special motorcycle under a completely new brand really is a dream come true. The aim is to continue to push boundaries and create more interesting bikes, which we hope will really please people."

The Salon Privé event will begin on Wednesday, 23 September and finish on Saturday, 26 September. Preorders for the first 100 bikes are already being taken, with a £1000 refundable deposit needed to secure your stroker.

Stroker luck! £30K lightweight British-built two-stroke café racer incoming

First published on 08 July, 2020 by Phil West

A rear view of the Langen Two Stroke

If you thought the performance two-stroke roadster was dead – think again. This all-new, British built, 250cc stroker is being created by CCM’s ex-chief design engineer Chris Ratcliffe.

It is based around the Italian Vins injected V-twin motor used in the Duecinquanta 250, has a bespoke space frame with top-spec cycle parts and is set to be launched this summer priced at around £30,000.

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Chris worked at CCM for 10 years and led the Bolton firm’s design and engineering teams on both the 450 Adventure and Spitfire family before leaving to set up his own venture last March. His new firm, Langen Motorcycles, are planning to go into limited production next year with this neat 250.

The bike has been created by a former CCM designer

Chris says the idea for a pure, performance, old-school-style stroker but with modern technology and performance came partly from his own TZR125 heritage but was also inspired by his dad, who used to work at Cotton/CCM on their 250 road racers.

"For me, with all these electric bikes coming, it’s a final swansong for the two-stroke," he says. "It’s a modern twist on a café racer. Hopefully it will look gorgeous but mainly it will be a very purposeful ultra lightweight machine that will be like nothing else out there to ride.

"It’ll have around 80bhp and weigh a maximum of 115kg and be fitted with top-line running gear, suspension, brakes etc. Most importantly, it will sound and smell amazing."

Production numbers, Ratcliffe says, depend on demand but he has plenty of ideas for other bikes beyond that: "I just want to create some interesting bikes."

A side view of the Langen 250 two-stroke engine

Langen Motorcycles two-stroke explored:

  • Stroker genius Two-stroke, 249cc, 90o V-twin is the advanced fuel-and-oil injected unit developed by Vins Motors. It makes 75bhp.
  • Light fantastic Ultra-lightweight tubular aluminium 'space' frame is handmade in Wigan and combines with a similar swingarm.
  • Running gear Öhlins 43mm forks and twin bespoke K-Tech shocks are both multi-adjustable. They look cool and perform well, too.
  • Stopping power Twin 300mm Brembo discs (265mm rear) are clamped by HEL radial billet calipers front and rear.
  • Material quality Tank and bodywork is hand-laid carbon-fibre produced on site with 24ct gold detailing for ultimate 'bling.'

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